Weeding Cane, would love to make this show again and again and again. But different every time.

We are looking for producing partners, venues, trades unions, heritage clubs who would be interested in exploring their local recent past with regards to manufacturing. If you are in an area which used to make things where a lot of the local population were employed, directly or indirectly, which no longer exists, we would be interested in coming to your town, city or village and talking to people who used to make those things and finding out about their lives now and then.

The format of the show would largely depend on the location, on the people we meet, on what would be a suitable venue for a performance, on what used to be made. It would also depend on money – on your resources, our resources and money we could both fundraise.

We would be excited to explore all types of presentations from installations, film, live performance, solos, mass participation or parades. Nothing too big or too small.

If you are interested in having a conversation with Sonia about this please contact her by clicking on the contact page.